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Additional Functions

ArConnect supports much more with its powerful API. These features are not integrated into arweave-js, but please let us know if you would like to see them added. You can access all of these using the global window.arweaveWallet object (window.arweaveWallet.getActiveAddress(), etc.).

All of these functions are asynchronous, so you will need to await them. If you are using Typescript, read this for type declarations.


connect(permissions, appInfo?)

Connect to ArConnect and request permissions. This function can always be called again if you want to request more permissions for your site. See the available permissions here.

  • permissions: An array of permissions
  • appInfo: Optional information about your application (see the format)

App info#

{  name?: string; // optional application name  logo?: string; // optional application logo}



Disconnect from ArConnect. Removes all permissions from your site.

Get Active Address#

getActiveAddress(): Promise<string>

Get the current wallet address in the extension.

  • returns: A wallet address

Requires the ACCESS_ADDRESS permission.

Get Active Public Key#

getActivePublicKey(): Promise<string>

Get the user's active public key from their wallet.

  • returns: The active public key

Requires the ACCESS_PUBLIC_KEY permission.

Get All Addresses#

getAllAddresses(): Promise<string[]>

Get all addresses added to the ArConnect extension.

  • returns: A list of the added wallets' addresses

Requires the ACCESS_ALL_ADDRESSES permission.

Get Wallet Names#

getWalletNames(): Promise<{ [addr: string]: string }>

Get wallet names for addresses.

  • returns: An object with addresses and wallet names

Requires the ACCESS_ALL_ADDRESSES permission.


sign(transaction, options?): Promise<Transaction>

Sign a transaction. This is a raw version of what is used in the arweave-js API.

  • transaction: A valid Arweave transaction without a wallet keyfile added to it
  • options: Arweave signing options
  • returns: Signed transaction instance

Requires the SIGN_TRANSACTION permission.


encrypt(data, options): Promise<Uint8Array>

Encrypt a string with the user's wallet.

  • data: String to encrypt
  • options: Encrypt options
  • returns: Encrypted string

Requires the ENCRYPT permission.

Encryption options#

{  algorithm: string; // encryption algorithm  hash: string; // encryption hash  salt?: string; // optional salt}

TODO: Supported algorithms


decrypt(data, options): Promise<string>

Decrypt a string encrypted with the user's wallet.

  • data: Uint8Array data to decrypt to a string
  • options: Decrypt options
  • returns: Decrypted string

Requires the DECRYPT permission.


signature(data, options): Promise<string>

Get the signature for a data array.

  • data: Uint8Array data to get the signature for
  • options: Signature options
  • returns: Signature

Requires the SIGNATURE permission.

Get Permissions#

getPermissions(): Promise<PermissionType[]>

Get the permissions allowed for you site by the user.

Get Arweave Config#

getArweaveConfig(): Promise<ArweaveConfig>

Get the user's custom Arweave config set in the extension.

Requires the ACCESS_ARWEAVE_CONFIG permission.

Add Token#


Add a token to ArConnect (if it is not already present).

  • id: Token contract ID